Wednesday, March 14, 2018

N Korea - Chinese Wishful Thinking ?

Yesterday, March 13, and on the occasion of his visit to Miramar naval base in S. California, US president Donald Trump expressed his hopes for an "outstanding" development in the North Korean issue. This refers to an eventual meeting between Trump and the N Korean leader Kim Jong-un before May 2018.

It was the same day, Trump fired his foreign secretary, the rather moderate Rex Tillerson, and replaced him with CIA director Mike Pompeo, a notorious falcon when it comes to respond to North Korean aggression.

The Chinese source "China News Network", however, doesn't refer to such latest news from the White House and is quoting instead Trump's comment on the planned meeting with Kim, even one day after the US president made his widely unexpected move.


Trump says he will meet with Kim Jong-un before May.


Trump: The Korean peninsula issue will
hopefully deliver an "outstanding" result.

[China News Network 中国新闻网 on March 14, 2018]


US visitor to "blueprint news" reminding the end of World War II.

My newsblog, including the experimental Chinese language site, is being screened
by some Chinese visitor(s) on a daily basis. Any direct identification of Chinese
visitors, however, remains a rare event, even though different points of access to
the internet could be detected in different parts of China in the past.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Iran - Israel Preparing for War

Since tensions between Israel and Iran began to rise over the military presence of Iran and its regional ally Hezbollah in Syria, a war between both adversaries has become increasingly realistic.

Photo above: Israeli air force helicopter

صحيفة: ضربات أمريكية إسرائيلية محتملة في سوريا

Newspaper: Joint US-Israeli strikes possible in Syria.

قالت صحيفة كويتية إن سوريا باتت في مرمى ضربات أمريكية وإسرائيلية وشيكة، ونقلت عن مصادرها أن رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي بنيامين نتنياهو ناقش مع الرئيس دونالد ترامب خلال لقائهما منذ أيام في واشنطن، خطة إسرائيلية موسعة.ـ

A Kuwaiti newspaper said that Syria is now a target of imminent US-Israeli strikes and that its sources reported that Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had discussed extended Israeli plannings with president Donald Trump during their meeting in Washington some days ago.

[Sputnik - Arabic News quoting the Kuwaiti newspaper الجريدة on March 10, 2018]

Sputnik on March 6, 2018: Israel notifies the US that it prepares for military activities.

كاتب إسرائيلي: حرب مع إيران قد لا تتعارض مع مصالح روسيا

Israeli journalist: A war with Iran might not be in conflict with Russian interests.

[Arabi 21 quoting the Israeli newspaper Maariv on March 11, 2018]

Algérie Patriotique, Algier, on February 20, 2018:
Israel's army is preparing for a long-standing war with Iran in 2018.

This article is referring to an interview which Israel's chief of operations Tsahal,
general Nitzan Alon (photo above), granted to the pro-Israeli website i24 News.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Iran Preparing Showdown with Israel ?

Last Update: March 5, 2018

Iran Storing Rockets in the Neighbourhood of Israel

A brandnew military facility allegedly stuffed with short- and medium-range rockets in the outskirts of Damascus could trigger off a dogfight between Israel and Iran in Syria. The notorious US channel Fox News seems to be at the source of these news. Here are some repercussions from Arabic language news centers:

إيران تخزّن صواريخ في سوريا لضرب كلّ الأراضي الإسرائيلية

Iran stores rockets in Syria to hit all of Israel.

[euronews, Lyon/France, on 1st March 2018]

قاعدة إيرانية جديدة في سوريا: تمهيد لضربة إسرائيلية؟

New Iranian base in Syria: Prelude of an Israeli attack ?

[Al-Modon المدن, Beirut/Lebanon, on 1st March 2018]

Above photo: Iranian soldiers mourning their commander who lost his life in Syria.

إسرائيل تحذّر إيران في سوريا ... قاعدتكم الجديدة ستختفي قريباً

Israel warning Iran in Syria ... Your new base will soon disappear !

[Al-Qurtas القرطاس, Baghdad/Iraq, on March 2, 2018]

Above photo: Palestinian citizens being dragged away by Israeli Police.

ـ«يوراسيا ريفيو»: الحرب بين إيران و«إسرائيل» أوشكت على البدء

"Eurasia Review": The war between Iran and "Israel" is about to begin.

[RASSD News شبكة رصد الاخبارية is a Cairo based news service popular in different Arab countries; article published on March 4, 2018]

Read here opinion from Israel In Syria Force Will Prevail, an article published by Haaretz on March 5, 2018.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

N Koreans Abroad - A Secret Army ?

美媒:金正恩派2000名間諜到美國 預謀破壞

US media: Kim Jong-un sent 2.000 spies to America - Premeditated Destruction

儘管美國政府的報告顯示,自2006年開始給予脫北者難民身分起, 迄今只有不到200名朝鮮人進入美國, 但成立教會組織協助脫北者出逃的韓國基督教牧師千基元(Chun Ki-Won)表示, 實際的人數比這個多很多。

A US government report is stating that since help started in 2006 for those who escaped from the North with a refugee status, so far only up to 200 North Koreans have entered the USA.

Chun Ki-won, however, a South Korean Christian minister from the establishment of church organizations assisting defectors from the North, showed that realistic numbers of people are much higher than this.

千基元說:「有數千名朝鮮難民湧入美國。官方數字是200人,但實際數字比較接近2,000人, 他們都是非法移民。政府不知道他們是誰,或他們在哪裡。」

Chun Ki-won said: " There are several thousand North Korean refugees emerging into the USA. The official number is 200, but a realistic number is rather near to 2.000 people. They are all illegal immigrants. The government neither knows who they are nor where they are. "

他還說,在過去18年來,他救了1,100名脫北者,並把他們安置在歐洲、亞洲和美國。 以美國而言,脫北者群居在華盛頓特區、芝加哥、紐約和洛杉磯。

He added that in the past 18 years he helped 1.100 people to escape from the North and to settle in Europe, Asia and America. In the case of America the refugee group from the North is living in Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

在2016年投奔韓國的前朝鮮駐英國大使館公使太永浩(Thae Yong Ho)曾警告各國領導人說, 要提防鋌而走險的金正恩發動攻擊。

In 2016, Thae Yong-ho, a former counsellor at the North Korean embassy in Britain, defected to South Korea, [on that occasion] warning national leaders: Beware of a desperate attack launched by Kim Jong-un.

太永浩在2017年接受美國國家廣播公司(NBC)採訪時說, 如果金正恩擁有核武和洲際彈道導彈,他什麼事都做得出來。

In an interview granted to the US national broadcaster NBC in 2017, Thae Yong-ho said: If Kim Jong-un is in the possession of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, [he can do whatever he wants].

他說:「金正恩是個可以做出任何超越正常想像的事的人。 …………

He said: Kim Jong-un is somebody who could do anything beyond the imagination of normal people.

[Epoch Times 大纪元, Chinese anti-communist daily on 2nd March 2018]



On February 23, US president Trump announced the largest list of sanctions in history against North Korea and which included 27 shipping and trading companies, 33 vessels, as well as Taiwan businessman Tsang Yung Yuan. The US submitted that list to the UN Security Council, but met with China successfully blocking the approach.

[Editor's note: This might not be meant as a final rebuke from China but could be interpreted, as well, in a way that China needs more time to investigate in the matter using own intelligence.]

[早报, Singapore, on March 3, 2018]

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

N Korean Leaders Using Fake Identities

[香港01, Hong Kong, on February 28, 2018]

Related information from BBC News was published two days later on 1st March 2018:

[ North Korea and the Brazil passports: Why were they used by the Kims? ]

Monday, February 19, 2018

Munich Conference - Iranian Reply to Israel

In the frame of growing tensions between Israel and Iran emerging at the Munich Security Conference, Iran now hinted at the possibility that even "invincible" Israel could end up receiving a bloody nose.

It should be noted that Israel's air force made incursions into Syria in 2007 when Israeli fighters destroyed a Syrian nuclear facility and has regularly targeted the neighbouring country since the beginning of the civil war seven years ago. In these missions Israel officially never lost a single plane.

This time, however, the first direct attack on alleged Iranian positions in Syria delivered a different result. The attack of eight Israeli fighters was triggered off by an Iranian drone entering Israeli airspace and which could be seen as a calculated Iranian provocation to put Israel to the test. During the proceedings of an Israeli operation of revenge one of their fighter jets was downed.

وزير خارجية إيران: انهيار"أسطورة (إسرائيل) التي لا تقهر"ـ

Iran's foreign minister: Debacle for "invincible Israel"

قال وزير الخارجية الإيراني محمد جواد ظريف يوم الأحد إن إسقاط طائرة إسرائيلية مقاتلة بعد قصفها موقعا إيرانيا في سوريا حطم ما يقال عن أن إسرائيل "لا تقهر" وذلك في رد على كلمة ألقاها رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي بنيامين نتنياهو في مؤتمر ميونيخ للأمن في وقت سابق يوم الأحد.ـ

On Sunday [Feb. 18] the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the downing of an Israeli war plane after its shelling of Iranian positions in Syria has demolished what is being said about "invincible" Israel and that is what he replied to the brilliant speech of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier held at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

[Source: Swissinfo SWI, Arabic language service, quoting Reuters on February 19, 2018]

Sunday, February 18, 2018

US and China - A Strategic Competition


US experts: America is losing in strategic competition with China.

华盛顿 — 美国国会众议院军事委员会星期四就美国与中国的战略竞争举行了听证会。 美国的中国问题专家在听证会上表示,美国过去25年的对华策略失败了, 美国正在输掉与中国的战略竞争。不过他们认为,美国仍然能够阻遏中国的势头, 防止中国主导的非自由秩序在亚洲以及世界其他地方发展壮大。

On Thursday, the military committee for the House of Representatives within US Congress held an informative meeting regarding US-Chinese strategic competitiveness. On that meeting US experts of the Chinese subject demonstrated that America has lost against Chinese tactics during the last 25 years and is losing against China's strategic competition. They are considering that America is still able to counter China's impetus and prevent China's non-liberal style domination of the expanding development in Asia and other places in the world.

[Source: Voice of America VOA, Chinese Service on February 16, 2018]


Harris: China's military is developing at high speed
and is forming a challenge for the US.

This is referring to Admiral Harris, up to now commander of the US Pacific Command 美军太平洋司令部司令哈里斯海军上将

值得注意的是,哈里斯上将刚刚被川普政府提名为驻澳大利亚大使的哈里斯, 而中国一直将哈里斯认为是鹰派将领,对特朗普提名他出任澳大利亚大师非常不高兴, 官媒新华社的文章直言说:“哈里斯担任太平洋司令部司令期间, 他的种种言行让太平洋很'不太平'”。

What deserves to be noticed is: Admiral Harris has just been nominated by the Trump administration as an ambassador to Australia. Admiral Harris, however, is being considered by China as a military leader belonging to the 'falcon faction' and whose mission as an ambassador to Australia by appoinment of Trump is not making China happy. An article from the official agency Xin Hua stated outright: " At the time when Harris held the post of a commander of the Pacific Command, his statements and actions made the Pacific Ocean rather 'less pacific' ".

[Source: Radio France International RTI, Chinese Service on February 15, 2018]